My Story

Ross image with Arielle -2Curiosity and adventures in nature and books filled my imagination as a young boy. This same curiosity and spirit of adventure continues to energize me today.

I was an extremely sensitive child and would often hide my emotions. Fortunately, sports became a wonderful outlet for me, a tool for nurturing my personal and social development and lifting my confidence. I made many friends through my athletics and continued to excel in soccer and hockey during my high school years. Off the field, my ability to focus in the classroom was undermined by my intense anxiety. Looking back I recognize I did not fit in the system I was being educated in. I now know that everyone can find where they belong. Back then I did the best I could to quell the restless spirit within.

At age sixteen I opened my eyes to the magic that lives within all of us. I discovered that the people we attract into our lives propel our evolution as unique individual souls. At the same time, anxiety and depression continued escalating. I was desperate to discover why I was experiencing such consistently challenging and intense emotions. In search of answers, I began weekly psychoanalysis.

Later I attended high school at the Salisbury School in Connecticut and graduated president of the student body and Valedictorian. I went on to Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where my varsity soccer team became the number one ranked program in the USA in the fall of my sophomore year. Life looked full of promise.

In March of 1993, I had an intense spiritual awakening, one that soon led to a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. In the hospital, where I received treatment, I had a transcendent experience that propelled me on a healing journey of self-discovery. Breakdown or breakthrough, my foundation was shaken to the core. And I was forever changed.

18 years of hands-on research followed my disintegration, and I explored my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, met exceptional doctors, healers and healthcare practitioners around the world. In the course of my transformative journey, I made a choice to educate myself everyday and become literate in the art of healing and the science of integrative medicine.

As the caretaker of my well-being, I sought out and discovered gifted practitioners in diverse healing art practices, such as Dr. Jonathan Prousky in Orthomolecular Medicine; Dan Nevel in Acupuncture; Patti Conklin in Cellular Cleansing; Dr. Dave Boesler in Osteopathy; Liz Gaggini in Structural Integration; Parmenio Potes Ramirez in Shamanic Energy Medicine; Dr. Peter Levine in Somatic Experience; Dr John Dempster in IV Vitamin and Heavy Metal Chelation; and, finally, a number of famous teachers in Yoga, to name a few.

Recently I had the great pleasure of co-producing Bipolarized, a documentary film on mental health and the healing journey, with 90th Parallel Productions and Shaw Media in Canada. Our film was recognized at our North American premiere while screening in Los Angeles, which led to a global distribution deal with The Video Project based in San Francisco. Bipolarized won the Audience Award for best feature film at Mad in America’s International Film Festival in Boston, Mass., a film festival solely dedicated to rethinking mental health issues and treatment.

Bipolarized also recently won a special jury award in the health and wellness category at Worldfest Houston, and has screened at Cinevision among other film festivals in North America.

The foundation for my health and growth today is a clean organic diet, regular exercise, reading, writing, time in nature, good sleep, and most importantly, a loving wife and beautiful young daughter, with whom I live in both Costa Rica and Toronto, Canada. Introducing people to integrated health and healing is my passion. And it is a pleasure to share practices, tools and wisdom that can be fundamental to any person’s personal healing journey.